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1494 - 1494
division of land among female heirs in Dunfermline

If land was inherited by daughters in the absence of sons, it was divided between them. In the following case, the land was divided between three daughters, with the husbands of two of them acting on their behalf. The third was probably unmarried. Note that two of the daughters were called Jonet



5 February 1494

Jonet Gervas the spouse of Thomas Stevinsone and Thom Stevinson on behalf of his wife, Marion Gervas spouse of David Litster and the said David on her behalf, and Jonet Gervas on her own behalf, and each of them were obliged as the said Thomas, David and Jonet alleged and bound to these persons John Wrycht, John Baxter, John Hwme, Thom of Burn, and John Blak, to divide and part their foresaid lands. In the first, the southmost inns with the pertaining property lying on the east side of the New Raw between the lands of the heirs of Robyn Patonson on the north side and John Brown on the south side. Item, three rigs [measure of land] lying in the New Raw crofts on the east side between the lands of John Brown on the north side and the land of Philpp’s croft and Emelot Yong’s yard on the south side and the house of the Cross Wynd on the east corner.



Source: The Burgh Records of Dunfermline 1488-1584 ed Erskine Beveridge. Edinburgh: William Brown, 1917, p. 48 Translated from Scots by E. Ewan


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