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1512 - 1518
reward to a royal nurse 1518

Queen Margaret granted these lands to Marion Douglas, as a reward for her service as nurse to the young James V, Margaret's son. Margaret married Archibald earl of  Angus after the death of her first husband, James IV, at the Battle of Flodden in 1513. An English translation follows the Scots original.


Be it kend to all men be thir present lettres, ws, Mergrete, quene of Scotland, coniunct fear of the lordschip of Linlithquhow, with consent and assent of ane nobill and michty lorde and oure derrest spous, Archibald, erle of Angus, lord Douglas, to haue sett, and be thir present lettres settis, to our louit seruitrice, Marioun Douglas, kepar to oure derrest sone, the King, for all the dayis of the said Marioun[is] lyf, all and sindrie out aikirris of Linlitjquhow, extending to sewin skore and ellevin aikirris, liand besid the burgh of Linlithquhow, the entre of the said Marioune to the tak of the said aikirris begynnand the day of the daite hereof, and thareftir to indure and be haldin and to be had fore all the days of hir lyf, with all and sindri commoditeis, fredomes, profittis, eysmentis, and richtuis pertinens quhatsymueir pertentyng or that richtuislie may pertene tharto be ony maner or way in tyme to cum; with full power to the said Marioune Dowglas induring hir lyf tyme as said is to occupy the sadis aikirris with hir awin gudis, or to sett the sammyn to subtennandis wndir hir, and thame into the sammyn to input and putput, remufe and change, lik  as scho sall think maist expedient and proffitabill induring all the tyme forsaid, frelie, quietlie, weill and in pece, but ony reuocatione, impediment or obstakill quhatsumeuir: And attour, we haif gevin and grantit, and be thir our present lettres, with the full consent and assent of our said spouse, frelie giffis and grantis to the said Marioune Douglas for hir trew and thankfull seruice done and to be done to our derrest sone the king, all males, fermes and gressummis, proffittis, and dewiteis of the sadis aikirris, induring all the days of hir said lyf; and quytclemis and discharges the said Marioun, hir airis, executouris and assignais tharof, now and for euir, be thir present lettres. In witnes herof we haf affixt owr signet and subscriuiut the sammyn with our hand, togiddir with the subscripcioun of our derrest spous in witnessing of his consent and assent to the premisses, at Edinburgh, the xix day of Julij, the zeir of God Imvc and auchtene zeris.

(signed) Margaret R

              erl of Angus


Be it known to all men by these letters, we, Margaret queen of Scotland, conjunct fiar of the lordship of Linlithgow, with consent of a noble and mighty lord and our dearest spouse, Archibald earl of Angus, Lord Douglas, to have set, and by these present letters set, to our beloved servant, Marion Douglas, keeper to our dearest son, the King, for all the days of Marion’s life, all and sundry our acres of Linlithgow, extending to seven score and eleven [151] acres, lying beside the burgh of Linlithgow, the entry of the said Marion to the tack [lease] of the said acres beginning this day, and thereafter to endure and to be held and had for all the days of her life, with all and sundry commodities, freedoms, profits, easements, and rightful pertinents whatever pertaining or that rightfully may pertain thereto by any manner of way in time to come; with full power to the said Marion Douglas during her lifetime as said is to occupy the said acres with her own goods, or to set the same to subtenants under her, and to input and output, remove and change them as she shall think most expedient and profitable during all the foresaid time, freely, quietly, well and in peace, without any revocation, impediment or obstacle whatsoever. And moreover we have given and grants, and by these present letters, with the full consent and assent of our said spouse, freely give and grant to the said Marion Douglas for her true and thankful service done and to be done to our dearest son the king, all mails, fermes and gressums [types of income associated with land] profits and duties of the said acres, during all the days of her life; and quitclaim and discharge the said Marion, her heirs, executors and assignees thereof, now and forever, by these present letters. In witness hereof we have affixed our signet and signed the same with our own hand, together with the signature of our said dearest spouse in witnessing of his consent and assent to the premises, at Edinburgh, 19 July, the year of God 1518

[signed] Margaret R

              earl of Angus



Sir William Fraser, The Douglas Book, vol 3, p.388. Translation E. Ewan

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