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ResearcherPostion, Institution
Professor Lynn Abrams Professor of Gender History, University of Glasgow Read more
Dr Nina Baker Research administrator and independent scholar, University of Strathclyde Read more
Dr Katie Barclay Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Adelaide Read more
Dr Kenneth Baxter Archives Asst, Univ Dundee ArchivesTeaching Asst, History, University of Dundee Read more
Michelle Beer PhD candidate, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Read more
Krystle Borsa MA graduate, University of Guelph Read more
Dr. Rosalind Carr Lecturer in Early Modern History, University of East London Read more
Ms Pam Cobourn graduate student, Sonoma State University Read more
Dr. Mairi Cowan Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Mississauga Read more
Dr. Karen Cullen Lecturer/Independent Researcher, Melbourne Read more
Dr Kimm Curran College of Arts, University of Glasgow Read more
Dr. Leith Davis Professor of English, Simon Fraser University Read more
Mr Brian Dempsey Lecturer in Law, University of Dundee Read more
Professor Gordon DesBrisay Associate Professor and Associate Dean, University of Saskatchewan Read more
Dr Sierra Dye instructor, University of Guelph Read more
Professor Elizabeth Ewan Professor and University Research Chair, History and Scottish Studies, University of Guelph Read more
Anita R. Fairney PhD candidate, University of Western Australia Read more
Dr J.R.D. (Rob) Falconer Associate Professor of History, Grant MacEwan University Read more
Dr Alice Glaze KnowHistory Read more
Dr. Julian Goodare Reader, University of Edinburgh Read more
Dr Erin Grant Government of British Columbia Read more
Dr Janet Hadley Williams Visiting Fellow, English, Australian National University Read more
Dr Mark Hall History Officer, Perth Museum and Art Gallery Read more
Chelsea Hartlen PhD candidate, University of Guelph Read more
Dr Lizanne Henderson University of Glasgow Read more
Dr Caitlin Holton independent scholar Read more
Dr. S. Karly Kehoe Associate Professor, St Mary's University Read more
Dr. Anne-Marie Kilday Associate Dean, Research and Knowledge Transfer, Oxford Brookes University Read more
Professor Stuart Macdonald Professor of Church and Society, Knox College Read more
Dr. Catriona Macdonald Reader in History, Glasgow University Read more
Dr. Dolly MacKinnon Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne Read more
Dr. Maureen Meikle Head of Humanities, Leeds Trinity University College Read more
Professor Graeme Morton Professor of Modern History, University of Dundee Read more
Professor David Mullan Professor of Emeritus, Cape Breton University Read more
Susan Murray independent scholar Read more
Professor Cynthia Neville George Munro Professor of History and Political Economy, Dalhousie University Read more
Dr Janay Nugent Associate Professor of History, University of Lethbridge Read more
Dr Heather Parker Library Accessibility Officer, University of Waterloo Read more
Dr Helen Payne Visiting Research Fellow, School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide Read more
Deborah Reid PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh/Edinburgh College of Art Read more
Dr. Elizabeth Ritchie Lecturer in Scottish History, UHI Centre for History Read more
Dr Michelle Smith Honorary Research Associate, University of Auckland Read more
Dr Cathryn Spence Assistant Professor, University of Vancouver Island Read more
Professor Deborah Symonds Professor of History, Drake University Read more
Marian Toledo Candelaria PhD candidate, University of Guelph Read more