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'superstitious practices' in Aberdeen 1575-1576 Read more
A suspected witch in East Lothian 1589-1590 Read more
A bigamous marriage in Aberdeen 1613-1613 Read more
A dangerous slander in Aberdeen 1603-1603 Read more
A husband's right to answer in court for his wife 1100-1400 Read more
A vicious assault in Glasgow 1590-1590 Read more
A widow in Dunfermline recovers property alienated without her consent 1494-1494 Read more
A widower's right to use his wife's land 1100-1400 Read more
A wife attacks her husband in Stirling 1598-1598 Read more
A wife resigns land for regrant in conjunct fee in Dunfermline 1519-1519 Read more
A woman made burgess in Dunfermline 1505-1505 Read more
An urban widow's rights to her husband's property 1100-1400 Read more
An urban wife appearing in court without her husband's consent. 1100-1400 Read more
Banishment for crime in Aberdeen 1539-1539 Read more
Blasphemous speech in Dundonald parish 1604-1604 Read more
Breaking plague regulations in Edinburgh 1530-1530 Read more
Brewers in Edinburgh 1530-1530 Read more
Brewing too expensive ale in Aberdeen 1538-1538 Read more
Candlemaker obstructs the town officers in Glasgow 1578-1578 Read more
Conviction of theft in Glasgow 1595-1595 Read more
Cross-dressing in Aberdeen 1605-1605 Read more
Division of land among female heirs in Dunfermline 1494-1494 Read more
Domestic abuse in Aberdeen 1604-1604 Read more
Foundation of an obit mass in Aberdeen 1508 1508-1508 Read more
Foundation of an obit mass in St Nicholas' Kirk, Aberdeen in 1526 1526-1526 Read more
Foundation of masses at the Dominican Friars of Ayr in 1480 1480-1480 Read more
Glasgow Burgh Court 1573 1573-1573 Read more
Goods inherited by the heir in an urban family 1100-1400 Read more
Inheritance rights of daughters and sons in towns. 1100-1400 Read more
Inheritance rights when a burgess has married more than once 1100-1400 Read more
Keeping an urban property in the family. 1100-1400 Read more
Kirk attempts to mend a marriage in Aberdeen 1568-1568 Read more
Laws regulating brewing in towns 1100-1400 Read more
Marriage dispensation for marrying within the forbidden degrees of affinity 1510-1510 Read more
Marriage dispensation in Glasgow diocese 1420-1420 Read more
Mother grants goods to daughter in return for maintenance, Glasgow 1507-1507 Read more
Princess Joanna Stewart, countess of Morton (tomb effigy) 1430-1490 Read more
Providing for daughters in Glasgow 1550-1550 Read more
Public penance ritual in pre-Reformation Aberdeen 1544-1544 Read more
Punishment for brothelkeepers in Aberdeen 1563-1563 Read more
Punishment for fornication under promise of marriage by kirk session of Dundonald 1606-1606 Read more
Restrictions on a wife's dower rights 1100-1400 Read more
Restrictions on servant women and nurses living on their own in Edinburgh 1530-1530 Read more
Reward to a royal nurse 1518 1512-1518 Read more
Rights of widows to trade in towns. 1100-1400 Read more
Selling meat and drink in towns 1100-1400 Read more
Spanish ambassador's comments on Scottish women 1498-1498 Read more
Trading offence in Edinburgh 1529-1529 Read more
Women as burgesses in Dunfermline 1490-1520 Read more
Women labourers in Aberdeen 1595-1595 Read more