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Professor Stuart Macdonald

Position: Professor of Church and Society
Institutional affiliation: Knox College
Address: 59 George St
M5S 2E6
Subject: History
Research Interests:

Scottish witch-hunt

Select Publications:

The Witches of Fife: 1560-1710. East Linton: Tuckwell Press, 2002.

'Enemies of God Revisited: Recent Publications on Scottish Witch-hunting', Scottish Economic and Social History 23:2 (2003)

'Torture and the Scottish Witch-hunt: A Re-examination', Scottish Tradition, 27 (2002)

'In Search of the Devil in Fife Witchcraft Cases, 1560-1705' in The Scottish Witch-hunt in Context ed Julian Goodare. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2002.

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