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Dr. Maureen Meikle

Position: Head of Humanities
Institutional affiliation: Leeds Trinity University College
Address: Brownberrie Lane
Horsforth, Leeds
United Kingdom (England)
LS18 5HD
Subject: History
Research Interests:

early modern Scotswomen; Queen Anna of Denmark

Select Publications:

E. Ewan and M.M.  Meikle eds Women in Scotland, c.1100-c.1750. Tuckwell Press, 1999.

J. Spence, S. Aiston and M.M. Meikle eds Women, Education, and Agency, 1600-2000. New York: Routledge, 2009.

'Anna of Denmark's Coronation and Entry into Edinburgh, 1590: cultural, religious and diplomatic perspectives' in Sixteenth-Century Scotland eds J. Goodare and A.A. MacDonald. Leiden: Brill, 2008, 277-94.

'John Knox and womankind: a reappraisal' The Historian 79 (Autumn 2003), 9-14.

'A meddlesome Princess: Anna of Denmark and Scottish Court politics, 1589-1603' in The Reign of James VI eds J. Goodare and M. Lynch. East Linton: Tuckwell Press, 2000, 126-40.

'"Holde her at the econonomic rule of the house", Anna of Denmark and Scottish Court Finances 1589-1603' in Women in Scotland c.1100-c.1750 eds Ewan and Meikle (1999), 105-11.

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