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Mr Brian Dempsey

Position: Lecturer in Law
Institutional affiliation: University of Dundee
Address: School of Law, Scrimgeour Building, Park Place
United Kingdom (Scotland)
Subject: History
Research Interests:

lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans women; lgbt; law; legal regulation; socialism; marriage; class

Select Publications:

'They were a bit, ken, "thon wey"; how to "do" Scottish lgbt history' History Scotland (2009) Sept/Oct 46-53 and Nov/Dec 46-53

'The Marriage (Scotland) Bill 1755: Lord Hardwicke's attempt to abolish clandestine and irregular marriage in Scotland' Miscellany of the Stair Society VI (2009), 75-119.

'Making the Gretna Blacksmith Redundant: who worried, who spoke, who was heard on the abolition of irregular marriage in Scotland' Journal of Legal History (2009), 23-54

Thon Wey: Aspects of Scottish lesbian and gay activism, 1968-1992. Edinburgh: USG, 1992

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