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1550 - 1550
providing for daughters in Glasgow

Parents provided for daughters with grants of land and with annual rents coming from those lands. In this document, abstracted  from a notary's register, known as a protocol book, a Glasgow father provides for two daughters from his property, while retaining the liferent until his death.


4 Feb 1549/50 10am

John Gibsoune, citizen of Glasgowm resigned in favour or Marion Gibsoune, his daughter, the southern portion of an enclosure lying in the street leading from the Market Cross to the South Port, between the fore tenement belonging to the said James on the west, and the remainder of the said enclosure on the east; but excepting twelve feet next the said tenement. Reserving to the granter the liferent of the property; and the grantee paying furth thereof, first, the annualrent of ten .. used and wont; also twenty shillings of annualrent to Helen Gibsoun, sister of the said Marion, aye and until the said Marion shall pay to the said Helen the sum of ... merks. Sasine given by Mr John Hall, bailie. Witnesses: William Schaikschaw, burgess of the burgh and city of Glasgow; Stephen Aikman, James Wilsoun, John Johnestoune, and John Seller.



Abstracts of  Protocols of the Town Clerks of Glasgow vol 1. First Protocol Book of William Hegait 1547-55 ed R. Renwick  (Glasgow: Carson & Nicol, 1894), no.20

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