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Dr. Anne-Marie Kilday

Position: Associate Dean, Research and Knowledge Transfer
Institutional affiliation: Oxford Brookes University
Address: Dept of History, Tonge Building
Gispy Lane Campus, Oxford
United Kingdom (England)
Subject: History
Research Interests:

Crime, gender and punishment since the early modern period in both European and global contexts, with particular reference to crimes of violence

The history of crime in Britain in the eighteenth century, with a particular emphasis on gender and crime, and gender specific crimes such as infanticide, along with more comparative interests in violent and non-violent criminality in terms of national and regional trend variations in the early modern period

The history of punishment in Europe in the early modern period, reflecting interests in the development of attitudes towards certain types of crime and criminals and how they were punished both by the authorities, anjd by the society of the day

Select Publications:

The Violent North: Crime in Scotland 1600 to the Present (Routledge, forthcoming 2012)

A History of Infanticide in Britain (Palgrave, in press 2011)

(with David Nash) Cultures of Shame: Exploring Crime and Morality in Britain 1600-1900 (Palgrave, 2010)

Women and Violent Crime in Enlightenment Scotland (Boydell and Brewer, 2007)

'The Barbarous North? Criminality in Early Modern Scotland' in  The Oxford Handbook of Modern Scottish History eds T. Devine and J. Wormald (Oxford UP, 2011)

'Desperate Measures or Cruel Intentions: Infanticide in Britain since 1600' in Histories of Crime: Britain 1600-2000 eds A.M. Kilday and D. Nash (Palgrave, 2010), 60-79.

'Monsters of the Vilest Kind: Infanticidal Women and Attitudes towards their Criminality in Eughteenth-Century Scotland' Journal of Family and Community History 11 (2008), 100-16.

(with K. Watson) 'Infanticide, Religion and Community in the British Isles, 1720-1920: Introduction' The Journal of Family and Community History 11 (2008), 84-99.

'The Ladykillers: Homicidal Women in Early Modern Britain' in Assaulting the Past: Placing Violence in Historical Context ed K, Watson (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007), 203-21

'Women and Crime in Britain, 1700-1850' in Women's History: Britain, 1700-1850 ed Elaine Chalus (Routledge, 2005), 174-93.

'Maternal Monsters: Murdering Mothers in Eighteenth-Century Scotland' in Twisted Sisters: Women, Crime and Deviance in Scotland since 1400 eds. Y. Brown and R. Ferguson (Tuckwell Press, 2002), 156-79

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