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1529 - 1529
trading offence in Edinburgh

Each town passed regulations controlling the selling of goods in the market. In this example the woman has been found guilty of regrating, buying goods usually in bulk and then selling them again in smaller quantities. Many women were convicted of this practice. Because this is the first time she has been convicted, some leniency is shown to her. The Scots version follows the translation


23 Nov 1529

The which day, forasmuch as it is understood by the provost that Issobell Merarche has broken the statutes of the town in buying of oats and selling of them again contrary to the said statutes, for the which she has incurred the penalty of banishing from the town; however, because it was the first fault, the provost has dispensed her at this time, and has taken Willliam Lyndesay as surety that she shall keep the statutes of the town in time to come, under the penalty of 10 pounds, without favour.

The qukilk day, forsamekill as it is wnderstand be the prouest that Issobell Merarche has brokin the statutis of the toune in bying of aittis and selling of thame agane in contrar the said statutis, for the quhilk scho hes incurit the pannis of bannasing of the tovne, nochtwithstanding because it wes the first falt the prouest has dispensit with hir at this tyme, and has tane William Lyndesay souirte that scho sall keip the statutis of the tovne in tyme to cum, vnder the pane of x li., but fauoris.



Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh A.D. 1528-1557 ed. J.D. Marwick (Edinburgh: Scottish Burgh Records Society, 1871) p.15. Translation by E. Ewan

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