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Dr Nina Baker

Position: Research administrator and independent scholar
Institutional affiliation: University of Strathclyde
Address: Dept of Architecture, 131 Rottenrow
United Kingdom (Scotland)
G4 )NG
Subject: History
Research Interests:

history of women's work in engineering and construction, particularly in Scotland; history of engineering and construction in Scotland generally; history of radar

Select Publications:

'Early Women Engineering Graduates in Scotland' Women's History Magazine, 60 (Summer, 2009), 21-30.

'More than Pioneers: A Hundred Years of Women at Work in the Scottish Building Industry (1820-1920)' Construction Information Quarterly, 1:4 (2008) 181-5.

'Women Nailmakers in 19th Century Scotland' The Tools and Trades History Society: TATHS Newsletter

'Women car designers and designing cars for women' Historia (Sept 2009)

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