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1530 - 1530
brewers in Edinburgh

The town regulated the activities of brewsters (women brewers) closely. Women wishing to brew had to swear to obey the town statutes for their trade, especially with regard to price. Here the names are given of those women in one of the four quarters into which Edinburgh was divided.


16 Feb 1530

These are the names of the brewsters in Edward Kincaid's quarter, the bailie of the southeast part of town, who have obligated themselves to keep the statutes and sell no ale at a higher price than the statute ordains, under the penalty of banishing from the town: In the first, Kate Hutoune, Male Kerse, Kate Gibsone, Issobell Lany, Margret Drummond, Deme Seytoun, Male Kars, Marione Spens, Mege Thome, Bessie Derumpill, Dem Silver, under the pain of 10 pounds; Robert Symsone for his maiden inder the pain of 10 pounds, without favour


Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh A.D. 1528-1557 ed. J.D. Marwick (Edinburgh: Scottish Burgh Records Society, 1871), p.19 translation E. Ewan

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