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Dr. S. Karly Kehoe

Position: Associate Professor
Institutional affiliation: St Mary's University
Address: Halifax
Nova Scotia
Subject: History
Research Interests:

Modern Britain and Ireland with a focus on gender, national identity, religion and ethnicity. I am also interested in Scotland and Ireland’s relationship with empire.


Select Publications:

Creating a Scottish Church: Catholicism, gender and ethnicity in nineteenth-century Scotland. Manchester, Manchester University Press (2010)

 'Unionism, Nationalism and the Scottish Catholic Periphery,' Britain and the World. 4:1 (2011): 65-83.

 'Catholic identity in the Diaspora: Nineteenth-century Ontario,' Bluid, Kin and Countrie: Scottish Associational Culture in the Diaspora. Tanja Bueltmann, Andrew Hinson and Graeme Morton, eds. Guelph: Centre for Scottish Studies, 2009: 83-100.

 “Irish Migrants and the Recruitment of Catholic Sisters to Glasgow, 1847-1878,” Ireland and Scotland in the nineteenth century. Frank Ferguson and James McConnell, eds. Dublin, Four Courts, 2009: 35-47.

'The Venerable Margaret Sinclair: Edinburgh's twentieth-century factory girl,' Feminist Theology, 16 (2008): 169-183.




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