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Eliza Davies

Neé Arbuckle
Dates 1821 -
Additional date information born 1821
Place born Paisley
Short biography

writer, schoolteacher, evangelist for  The Church of Christ


baptised 11 Feb 1821, emigrated to Australia 1838, returned to Scotland in 1847 after brief unhappy marriage, emigrated to US, returned to Australia 1857, settled in US

author of The Story of an Earnest Life: A Woman's Adventures in Australia and in Two Voyages Around the World (Cincinatti: Central Book Concern, 1881)

See Barbara Ward, A Lady in a Thousand: Eliza Davies, A Biography. Glebe, NSW: Wild & Woolley Pty Ltd, 1994; Barbara Dawson, 'In the Eye of the Beholder: Rpresentations of Australian Aborigines in the Published Works of Colonial Women Writers' ANU, PhD thesis 2007