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1590 - 1590
a vicious assault in Glasgow

Women appear much less frequently in court charged with assault than do men, but their assaults could seriously hurt their victims. Here women had filed counter-charges against each other. The surnames suggest that this may have involved a family feud, possibly between a step-daughter and her stepmother and stepsister.

The Scots follows the translation


Elspeth Clogy, daughter of Thomas Clogy, is found in a wrong and amerciament of court [fine] for casting stones at Christiane Sauchie and biting her through the arm and letting the piece of flesh that she bit fall into the water; and Katherine Richie, spuse of the said Thomas, and Marion Clogy her daughter, are absolved from the complaint given in by Elspeth against them, and Chrisiane Sauchy is absolved from Elseth's complaint.

Alspaith Clogy, dochter to Thomas Clogy, is decernit in ane wrang and amerchiament of court for casting of stanes at Cristiane Sauchie and byting of hir through the arme and latting the peice flesche quilk scho bait fall in the watter; and absoluit Katherine Richie, spous of the said Thomas, and Marioun Clogy, hir dochter, fra the complent gevin in be hir aganis thame, and absoluit Cristiane Sauchie fra the said Alspaith Clogys complent.


Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow 1573-1642 ed J.D. Marwick (Glasgow: Scottish Burgh Records Society, 1876), p.151 Translation E. Ewan