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Dr Katie Barclay

Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Institutional affiliation: University of Adelaide
Address: ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, School of History and Politics
University of Adelaide, Adelaide
Subject: History
Research Interests:

family life, intimate relations, marriage, emotions, subjectivities, singing and balladry, masculinity, sexuality, feminist and post-structural methodologies, performance

Select Publications:

Love, Intimacy and Power: Marriage and Patriarchy in Scotland, 1650-1850. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2011

with Siobhan Talbott 'New Perspectives on Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Scottish History' Journal of Scottish Historical Studies 31:1 (2011) 119-33

'Intimacy and the Life-cycle in the Marital Relationships of the Scottish Elite during the Long Eighteenth Century' Women's History Review 20:2 (2011), 189-206

'Composing the Self: Gender and Subjectivity in Scottish Balladry' Cultural and Social History 7:3 (2010), 337-53

'Thinking about Family Legacy' Women's History Magazine 61 (Autumn/Winter 2009) 26-9

'Negotiating Patriarchy: The Marriage of Anna Potts and Archibald Grant of Monymusk' Journal of Scottish Historical Studies 28:2 (2008), 83-101

'Sex and the Scottish Self in the Long Eighteenth Century' in Shaping Scottish Identities eds J. Campbell et al (Guelph: Centre for Scottish Studies, 2011), 29-42

'"And Four Years Space they Loveingly Agreed":Balladry and Early Modern Understandings of Marriage' in Finding the Family in Medieval and Early Modern Scotland. Aldershot: Ashgae, 2008, 23-34.




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