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1480 - 1480
Foundation of masses at the Dominican Friars of Ayr in 1480

An elite woman founds masses for the souls of her family and herself, as well as the rulers of Scotland, at the house of the Dominicans of Ayr. The document provides evidence of religious practices associated with masses for the dead. The donor also make provisions for the masses if the Friars should fail to carry out their responsibilities. [see also the two  foundations of obit masses in Aberdeen]


20 June 1480 indenture between Isabella, Lady Glammis and Kennedy, and the Convent of the Friars Preachers (abstract – Latin original on pp 55-7)

Indenture between a noble and potent lady Isabella Lady Glamis and Kennedy on the one part, and the prior and convent of the religious house of the Friars Preachers of the burgh of Ayr, with consent of friar John Mure, vicar-general of the said Order within the kingdom of Scotland, on behalf of the said Order, on the other part, whereby the said lady bestows upon the said convent, in pure alms for ever, two parts of the lands of Kersland, between the lands of the said friars on the one side, and the lands of lairds of Dunduf and Cragcafy on the other: also two parts of the lands of Kersholme, within the lands of Sir John Holmes, chaplain, and those of the late John Mordathson, lying in the territory of the burgh of Ayr, and also two shillings and eightpence Scots of yearly rents from the lands of Strobryddyn, within the lands of Nether Clowyngal, and various other gratuitous benefices: the said prior and convent becoming bound to celebrate the suffrages and prayers following, viz. On the 19th of March and the 6th of August yearly and respectively, one anniversary and vigil of the dead with note: and after each of the said days, every year, they shall celebrate the trentale, or thirty masses in private, for the souls of James King of the Scots and Queen Margaret his consort, their children, ancestors and successors, kings of Scotland; also for the souls of the said Isabella, and of her father and mother, and of Patrick Lyoun Lord Glammis, and Gilbert Kennydy lord of that ilk, her spouses, their heirs and children, and all the faithful dead: Moreover, the said prior and  and convent shall cause the handbell of the town of Ayr to be rung on the eve of the said anniversary, to exhort the people to pray for the soul of Isabella, and of her spouses aforesaid, and to attend their obsequies. Further, it is agreed that the prior and convent shall fee a third anniversary from sufficient lands or annualrents to be bought after the death of the said Isabella, to be celebrated on the day of her decease, for the souls above mentioned, in the foresaid manner and continually; and shall uphold the same, inasmuch as she has given and assigned to them six draught oxen, price six pounds, four chalders of oats, price sixteen merks, a half chalder of barley, price four merks, which subjects are in that tack of her lands of the Wood of Dalrymple which Rolland Makmurthe now has; and should the prior and convent be negligent or remiss in celebrating the masses, anniversaries and obsequies, in the aforesaid manner, for forty days continuously, if not hindered by fire, pestilence, famine, or common war, then it shall be lawful to the said lady and her heirs, and in their absence, to the provost, bailies, and community of Ayr, to give over the said lands and annualrents to another religious place of the church of St. John of Ayr, as shall seem best, where the said suffrages and prayers may be observed in the manner described; and if the third anniversary shall not be completed, the goods received for that purpose shall be restored, that it may be completed in places suitable at the pleasure of the persons aforesaid. Sealed by the parties interchangeably, at Edinburgh 20 June 1480.



Charters of the Friars Preachers of Ayr ed R.W. Cochran-Patrick Edinburgh: Ayr and Wigton Archaeological Association, 1871, no 39

The above document is an abstract, the Latin original is on pp 55-7



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