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1505 - 1505
a woman made burgess in Dunfermline

In some towns, women could become burgesses, usually by right of their fathers who has been burgesses. In this document Jonet Johnson is made a burgess and recognized as heir to her father of a certain property, although the use of the property is reserved to her mother for her lifetime as she held it by conjunct fee with her husband [for this tenure see document of 1519]


20 June 1505 burgh court of Dunfermline

The quhilk day Jonet Jhonsone enterit burges be resone of hir fadir Michell Jhonsone and wes funde nerrest ande lauchfull air to the said Michell be the forsade assis of ane lande liande in the Cors Wynd reseruande the sade lande to Jonet Gyll the relict of the sade Michell be resone of hir inconiunctinfeftment ffor all the dais of hir lyf tyme.


The Burgh Records of Dunfermline ed. Erskine Beveridge  Edinburgh: William Brown, 1917, 146

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